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Excavation Contracting in Fort Saskatchewan and Edmonton

J-Mac Contracting provides a range of excavation contracting services in Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton, and the surrounding area. From clearing to final grading, we have the equipment and knowledge to take your site from the start and leave you with finished land to start building on. Our operators are highly trained and skilled, and we are dedicated to providing excellence in the work we do. We work closely with each of our clients to meet your site needs, and we are committed to providing safe, reliable and efficient services. We work hard to exceed safety standards because we value our employees and our clients. We offer the following services:

Excavation and Heavy Equipment Services

We offer a diverse range of excavating services to meet our clients’ specific requirements:

Land clearing

Material hauling


Foundation excavation

Basement lowering

Digging trenches

Electrical | Gas | Storm

Backfill and compaction

Digging post holes/auguring

Asphalt break-up and removal

Small asphalt repairs

Small project demolition


Existing grade evaluations/corrections/repair

Parking lots | Acreages | Residential rough and final grading

Pad construction for temporary or permanent structure installations

Storm basin installation/repair

We have a range of equipment that is guaranteed to get your job done effectively and efficiently, including:



Mini excavator

Skid steers



Dump trucks

Sanding trucks

Various attachments and tools

Bobcat and Dump Truck Services

Don’t worry about the prep work – we can clear rocks, trees and debris away to get your property construction-ready. Our trucking services include:

Aggregate supply and delivery (topsoil, sand and gravel)

Site preparation/clearing

Rough and final grading

Post holes


Snow removal


Snow Removal 

Our large inventory of skid steers with large snow buckets, loaders, snow plows and blades, as well as our snow blowing equipment and sanding trucks, will efficiently handle any snow removal requirements for industrial, commercial and residential sites. We offer:

Snow clearing and piling

Snow hauling for disposal

Parking lot sanding

Spring cleanup/parking lot sweeping

construction helmet

To learn more about how we can get your site ready for construction, give us a call!


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We provide all of the excavation services you might need to get your site ready for construction.

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